Item No.: ETMP 0.5V
 Product Name: Educational and Toy Module

  • These ETM modules are designed for your own educational kits or for toys (for motor connecting)
  • The solar cells are laminated in the high-quality resin fibre glass board material with moisture protection
  • Various educational and learning games/aids available
  • Specification as follow:
  • Model#: ETMP250-0.5V: 0.5V, 250mA(Max), 40x80x4mm
  • Model#: ETMP300-0.5V: 0.5V, 300mA(Max), 40x80x4mm
  • Model#: ETMP400-0.5V: 0.5V, 400mA(Max), 40x80x4mm
  • Model#: ETMP500-0.5V: 0.5V, 500mA(Max), 48x80x4mm
  • Model#: ETMP700-0.5V: 0.5V, 700mA(Max), 56x80x4mm
  • Model#: ETMP1000-0.5V: 0.5V, 1000mA(Max), 86x80x4mm

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