Item No.: 745
 Product Name: Solar Educational Ferris Wheel Kit

  • To educate your children about the free cost environmental friendly solar energy
  • the kit set comes complete with solar ferris wheel kit, solar plastic lamp and solar musical units.
  • The children can have a lot of fun by doing a series of hands on experiements,like adding the beans or water inside the cabin bowls of the wheel kit, to see if the wheel turns faster or slower
  • Use solar power to produce energy for a radio, calculator, battery charger or 1.5V cassette player .... etc, just use your imagination for more and more applications...
  • Children can do a series of hands on and do it yourself experiments to acquire the knowledge of solar energy
  • Interactive/learning toy
  • Let them learn how to:
  • - Make an electrical circuit
  • - Make a solar circuit
  • - Increase voltage
  • - Increase current
  • Educational and novelty
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