Item No.: 890
 Product Name: Solar P.O.P. Display Turner

  • Solar power with no battery and free operating cost
  • Turns automatically under sunlight or direct incandescent light and spot light
  • Built in with two strong metal pressure ball bearing for long lasting, more durable and heavy weight
  • Can stand for upto 16 lbs (7 kgs) weight under 100 WATT spot lamp or 20 lbs (9 kgs) under 200 WATT lamp
  • Turning time is about 3 turns per minute
  • As a display turner for the shop window to attract more customers and increase sales
  • To display small premiums like watch, jewelry or small stationery etc.
  • All 4 turntables are removable
  • After removed the 4 turntables, you can use the 4 slots for pen display or other display purpose
  • Or you can use the 4 turntables for display items purpose
  • Suitable for household and indoor decoration


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